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Did you know… while small rabbits are “cute”, many larger rabbits are calmer, gentler and don’t need much extra space?

Don’t overlook the big white buns with pink eyes, often called the “gentle giants” and considered the “golden retrievers of bunnies”, because they tend to be friendly and calm.

If you keep your heart and mind open to meet bunnies of all ages,breeds, sizes and types you’ll have the most fun and guaranteed to have the best chance of finding true love!

Making a Donation

Rabbit rescues have their own set of challenges in the rescue world! Some people would never consider rabbits as a pet – but I can tell you from personal experience they make amazing pets!

I have owned 10 rabbits over a span of about 20 years and each of them had their own personality –  likes and dislikes and a few who I swear were dogs on the inside.

The hard part for those working in the world of rabbit rescue is that they typically have less of a support family than their dog and cat rescue counterparts. This can mean less in donations – both monetary and product as well as less opportunity for adoptions.

Getting the exposure and educating the public about why rabbits are amazing pets is only half the battle.

The other half is to raise the funds to continue to care for the rabbits in their care – as well as the ones they rescue going forward.

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Animal Licensing

There is no reason or law that requires you to have your Rabbit to be Licensed 

Finding Pets a Home

As you might suspect, it is very difficult to find a reliable home for an unwanted pet of any kind. Placing a rabbit in a good home presents special challenges, since many people see rabbits as food, toys or worse. We can offer the following guidelines to help you if a rabbit is a perfect fit for you.

Spay & Nuter

By spaying or neutering our rabbits, will help to control the rabbit homelessness crisis, which results in millions of healthy rabbits euthanized in the United States each year simply because there aren’t enough homes to go around. There are also medical and behavioral benefits to spaying (female pets) and neutering (male pets) your animals.

What Drives Us

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  So you’ve decided to get a rabbit: You’ve learned what it takes to provide great care and an appropriate diet, you’ve bunny-proofed your house, you’ve found a * great rabbit veterinarian and you’re ready to give one or two (or more) special bunnies the attention and exercise they need every day. But you’ve got one more thing to take care of—choosing where you’ll get your new pet.

 You don’t want to buy a bunny from a pet store because most of those rabbits come from mass-breeding facilities that can be like puppy mills. So, what are your options?


*  We can help you with finding the right kind of veterinarian.






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I remember growing up as a child I always wanted a pet rabbit. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t. Rabbits were soft, easy to care for, and each one kind of reminded you of Bugs Bunny from the cartoon which of course, was a big plus.
Rabbits are the perfect pets for families for a variety of reasons. Rabbits are inexpensive and do not require a lot of maintenance. For a busy family that may not have time to walk a dog daily, a rabbit is exactly what you are looking for. Rabbits are as playful and silly as any puppy, as independent and curious as cats, and as loyal and affectionate as dogs. The longer you own a pet rabbit, the more domesticated and intelligent it becomes. More often than not people view rabbits as mindless, furry creatures, but there’s so much more to a rabbit than cute ears and a soft nose. Their intelligence is adaptive and more elegant than most pets. Rabbits are quick learners when it comes to responding to simple words and commands, as well as navigating obstacles around the house. It’s very unlikely you find a chewed up shoe or something destroyed when you come home to a pet rabbit in the house.
Rabbits offer your household many of the same benefits any dog or cat would. Beyond the companionship and fun that a pet rabbit can provide there are several health and psychological benefits. Pet rabbits can provided a lot of comfort and are established forms of positivity during times of stress for both children and adults. For children, a pet rabbit is a great way to spark new friendships with other kids and can teach responsibility. When children are responsible for caring for pet rabbits it teaches them to look outside of themselves and to show empathy for other people as well as other animals. As a result, owning an easy to care for pet like a rabbit can provide families with a real sense of purpose.