Look at your rabbit with enlightened eyes. Understand that nature made her just as surely as it made you, and that, like yours, her personality is at least partly a product of her ancestry. She is not a toy; she is a highly intelligent, loving being who can become an interactive, loyal member of the family if you allow her to be what she is–a rabbit! The person who can do this is in store for the most delightful companionship of a lifetime.

copyright July 2003 – Dana Krempels


Buddy is a very cute bunny.

He is doing great with his litter box.

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Beauty is a very pretty girl looking for a forever home. She is very sweet.

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Brodie is a very handsome boy.

He is a Lionhead mix. He likes to be pet.

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Fabio is a very sweet cutie. He has just been neutered.

He is young.

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Gigi is a curious and playful Lionhead girl.

She loves to eat, play, and get petted.

Her litterbox habits are improving too.

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Spencer is a very cute boy but is a little on the shy side. He loves his food and
is also using his litterbox very well.
I am a Lionhead mix.

We do not adopt rabbits as Easter Gifts

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Polly likes attention but she also like to put her teeth on you when you mess with her cage

Her litterbox habits are very good.

We do not adopt rabbits as Easter Gifts

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Blue is a really small cute little girl. She is a little protective of her cage.

Would do best in an adult

We do not adopt rabbits as Easter Gifts

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Maggie and Holly are two bonded New Zealand sisters.  They love to play and love all foods that are good for rabbits.  Holly’s fur is just a tad softer.  They were born in November 2014. They are happy girls who need to be adopted together.

We do not adopt rabbits as Easter Gifts

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Another year gone by already …! And it’s been another good year here at Second Chance Bunnies.


We continue to help a significant number of rabbits through our rescue and adoption efforts. This year, we brought 31 rabbits into our in-home facility saving them from shelters, helping other rescue groups, or from community surrenders. Through November, 23 happy rabbits were adopted into permanent, loving homes! Please click on link below to view Letter


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