We will be having a drawing and bunny toys for sale.

Come and join us it is a free class.




Donation from Pet Food Express


Karen accepting the check.

Thank you so much Pet Food Express


These are 4 black babies we are fostering for Randy Koga.

Their Mom is here also.






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Pet Food Express

Feb 7th

We were on TV

Good Day Sacramento


There is a video online


We need donations for these bunnies







19 baby rabbit rescue

Recently we rescued 21 rabbits from a breeder

that had them listed on Craigslist as meat rabbits

and snake food because a dog came and chewed the

toes off.

This happened Christmas Eve.

We ended up going undercover

by calling the breeder and said we wanted to buy all

the damaged babies for snake food.

Of course we were not using them for snake food.

We paid what he was asking which was 10.00 a

piece for 19- 7 week old baby rabbits.

While we were there we noticed that he had 2 large Flemish rabbits that had bad ear mites.


So Christmas day I called

and asked to buy those from him so I could get them

and the babies to a vet for medical care.

We did. We usually dont like to do it that way but

we knew if we did not

they would most likely die from their

injuries to their feet.

We got a call from SaveABunny with an offer

to help us with taking the most injured and doing

fundraising for the babies and the Flemish.

They took 6 babies on Christmas Day.


On our way to meet a SaveABunny volunteer

in Manteca.



My husband really like him.



The rest of the babies went to the vet on Dec. 26

for evaluation and removal of damaged areas.

They have progressed with the help

of my great volunteer Karen.

My husband Jerry helped alot also.

We had to soak their feet twice a day. It took us

2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.

They also were given medication 2 times a day.


As of January 18th they have done so well.


Two rabbit rescues just took several of the precious

babies into their rescues.


Volunteer Laura Payne and Bona Tucker


Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue

in San Gabriel California

took 4 boys into their rescue and they will

stay together and will need medical treatment.



Pet Save Foundation in Hawthorne California

took 2 girls and they

also will need medical treatment.


SaveABunny has 6 babies in need of a lot of medical


Marcy at SaveABunny has donated $2,500

to the babies that we had here and for the


That covers the cost of us buying them

from the breeder, food, litter, medical, etc and

spay and neuter for the Flemish.

The Flemish are currently at SaveABunny


4 girls at Second Chance Bunnies looking

for a home.


We currently have 4 girls and 1 boy here at our rescue.

They are in need of medical care for their feet and


We are looking for other rescues to take more of the sweet innocent babies.

I give Kudos to the Rescues who stepped up

and took the babies.

It was a big task for us but we did what needed

to be done.





Welcome to Second Chance Bunnies, Inc.










Check out our ADOPT ME PAGE

Go to the News Page and on left side where

pages are click on Adopt ME

You will see our bunnies that we have up

for adoption.


We have been having a problem with

our link to our

adoptable page keep trying to bring it up.


We do bunny sitting at our rescue.


Think Twice Before Buying that Easter Bunny!


With Easter just around the corner

rescue groups like Second Chance Bunnies

here in Auburn are gearing up for the post-Easter dumping

of rabbits at shelters and outdoor places like parks and schools. 

This occurs every year when the cuteness and novelty wears off

and baby bunnies grow into their hormonal “teenage” phase. 

This year, please think TWICE before you buy an Easter bunny. 

  • Second Chance Bunnies is having a FREE class
  • so you can learn about bunny care and
  • your responsibilities for the next 8-10 years.
  • Yes, well cared for rabbits can live that long. 
  • The class is on Saturday, March 29 from 1 to 4pm
  • at our rescue site in north Auburn. 
  • Call Janet Foster at 530-269-7764 to reserve your space
  • and get the address and directions.
  • If you are not yet ready for the 10-year commitment
  • but still want an “Easter Bunny”
  • adopt a rescued STUFFED bunny instead. 
  • We have rescued stuffed toy bunnies available for adoption. 
  • Each one comes with an adoption tag with care instructions,
  • nametag (you can even pick the name for your new bunny)
  • top-opening carrier, cuddle blanket, and hay.
  • The adoption donation of $10 for one or $18 for a bonded pair
  • of stuffed bunnies goes towards feeding the real bunnies
  • living at our rescue until they find their permanent loving home.

Please don’t let another helpless bunny

become another animal shelter statistic.

  Contact Janet Foster at 530-269-7764

for more information about the free Bunny Care class

or if you’d like to adopt a stuffed bunny

And when you find out you’re ready for the responsibilities and joys

of having a real rabbit as part of your family,

please call us to meet our bunnies available for adoption.

They are already spayed or neutered, and socialized. 

All they need is a second chance to find their forever loving home

Will that be with you?




               We have rescued stuffed bunnies for adoption.

They have been rescued from many thrift stores,

sanitized and also named.

They come with the own carrier and blankie.      

 Their adoptions helps to support our rescue


Please do not buy live rabbits for Easter.

They most likley will end up in the

shelters because

a child loses interest.









This is just a sample of the bunnies we have for adoption.

We have girls, boys, large and small to choose from.

Come and see us or give us a call at


Give a stuffed bunny for Easter instead of a real rabbit.

They are a 10 year commitment.


Second Chance Bunnies. Inc


is a non-profit  501c3 organization

located in the quiet foothills of Auburn, California

(east of Sacramento).

Started in 2004


Janet and Jerry Foster



Our Mission is to:

    -   Provide a safe haven and loving (temporary) home

to unwanted / surrendered bunnies.

   -   Socialize, litter box train, spay / neuter

and adopt to loving homes.

              -   Educate owners on diet, health and housing

requirements for these furry friends.

Second Chance Bunnies works with various rescues,

shelters and other sources to save

these unwanted bunnies / rabbits.


We believe:

Every Bunny needs a Second Chance





Second Chance Bunnies,Inc   P.O. Box 8185   Auburn, CA  95603   (530) 269-7764