Mission Statement

At Second Chance Bunnies, Inc., our mission is to:
– Provide a safe haven and loving (temporary) home to unwanted / surrendered bunnies. – Socialize, litter box train, spay / neuter and adopt to loving homes.
– Educate owners on diet, health and housing requirements for these furry friends.

Second Chance Bunnies works with various rescues, shelters and other sources spanning a 250 mile radius in northern California (as far away as Monterey, California and Reno, Nevada), with emphasis in the Placer county area to save unwanted bunnies / rabbits.

We believe: Every Bunny Needs a Second Chance.

Second Chance Bunnies currently holds three regularly scheduled adoption and education events per month at three different venues in Placer County: Petco in Auburn, Pet Food Express in Roseville, and the new Petsmart in Rocklin. On-site adoptions are also carried out at the Second Chance Bunnies, Inc. rescue site in Auburn.

How Second Chance Bunnies Helps Domestic Animals in Placer County

While much attention and resources are given to the plight of abandoned dogs and cats, house rabbits are an underserved part of the animal rescue world. People often acquire rabbits with little understanding of the commitment needed to provide proper housing, diet, and social interaction. At Easter time, bunnies often become disposable pets when the novelty wears off. Many animal shelters do not have the physical capacity or the needed staff skills to understand the unique needs of rabbits. Others are severely overcrowded, and the limited rabbit space is often reallocated to cats or dogs (at the expense of rabbits). Rescue groups that focus solely on saving the lives of rabbits and finding them adoptive, loving homes provide a necessary resource addressing the needs of overflowing animal shelters and community dumps.

Second Chance Bunnies, Inc. is a small, all-volunteer, non-profit 501c3
organization located in the quiet foothills of Auburn, California. While
the rescue work started in 2004, Second Chance Bunnies, Inc. has only
been a non-profit 501c3 organization since December 2011 (see
Attachment 1). Like many rabbit rescues, the desire to save these
helpless creatures began as a labor of love, with all expenses paid out-
of-pocket by Janet and Jerry Foster, the founders of Second Chance
Bunnies, Inc. Their three-car garage and a portion of their home have been dedicated and converted to indoor housing for 40+ rabbits. Since 2004 and prior to becoming a recognized non-profit group, the Fosters personally invested their own money to establish an in-home facility to house and care for the rabbits, as well as provide an adoption/education space. They provided significant facility investments for heating/cooling and housing supplies, as well as annual operating expenses to feed, spay/neuter and provide medical care for the hundreds of rabbits they have rescued.