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Here is how the bunnies’ feet initially looked.

On the day after Christmas, the bunnies went to a veterinarian and treated for wound debridement, removing dead tissue to prevent the spread of infection. Janet was told the black, dead tissue was gangrenous and would eventually slough off, but the feet needed to be soaked in a disinfectant solution twice a day, and medications needed to be administered twice a day.

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They are very happy to share a bowl of pellets with soft fleece under their feet and even happier when they are given time out to play. While a bit hesitant on their feet at first, they soon zoomed around with great enthusiasm and did “binkies” (the bunny happy dance) to show they are grateful for being shown love and caring on their road to recovery.

As of this writing, three girls and two males are still at Second Chance Bunnies – other rescue groups have stepped up to take in the others. They have all adjusted well and are very social and happy bunnies.

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scout,Maggie and Holly