The Reason’s you should not buy bunnies at Easter

  • Bunnies should not be gifts for children
    from Grandparents or parents.
    Little children lose interest very quickly.
    I am not saying that rabbits should never
    be pets for children.
    With a responsible parent and mature rabbit savvy child
    they can be a good rabbit owner.
  • Small bunnies sure are cute, but did you know that most Pet Stores
    get bunnies at
    about 3 to 4 weeks. For good health and socializing
    they should stay with their mom
    for at least 5-6 weeks.
    I leave the bunnies that I rescue for 6 to 8 weeks.
    They seem to do better when left longer.
    If the males mature early then they need to be placed in different cage
    and it is probably time to have it neutered.
  • When bunnies get to be about 4 months they get hormonal
    we call this the teenage times.
    They will get aggressive and may bite. This is the time they need to be altered.
    Most people do not realize that this is a natural behavior.
    This is when the bunny owner will take them to the shelter
    because they do not know or care.
    Let them so called free is not setting them free.
    You are making them food for hawks, owls or coyotes.
    There are too many dangers for bunnies.
    There are many poisonous plants they should not ever eat.
    Their temperature runs about 102
    and when it gets too hot it will kill that precious bunny.